AED 25.00

It is simple socks type foot masks, removes keratins or hardened skin by just one use and takes care of your feet smooth and soft. Just put on our foot masks and it will remove keratin over your feet, relieve smells from feet and the nutritive ingredients containing in our foot masks offer your feet and toe nails soft.



How to use

  1. Wash your feet cleanly and get your feet dry.
  2. After you opened its sachet, tear off the center of its Foot Pack and divide the right side and left side each.
  3. put your both feet in non-woven fabrics and wear its Foot Packs.
  4. After you put on our foot masks, it is good to tie up the upper parts of our foot masks with rubber bands or rings or you may put on socks or slippers over our foot masks.
  5. Take off its Foot Packs after 90 minutes and wash your feet with water lightly.
  6. * After you used the Product, the keratin over your feet will begin to be peeled off naturally after 4~6 days. do not peel off the keratin forcibly until it will be peeled off sufficiently.
  • Recommendations
    • When you continue to use the Product, it can raise irritation over skin so we recommend you the Product to use once a month.
    • We do not recommend this Product pregnant women or people with dermatophytosis, eczema or sensitive skin.
    • When you have a little wound over skin, do not use the Product.
    • Take care of using the Product when you have weak skin.